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    Сомневаюсь что мой отзыв оставят - так же как и никто не перезвонил мне по поводу "жестокого" обращения врача Маркеловой.... Это был ужасный опыт. Врач вела себя по хамски. Эндоскопия (т.е зонт) - они вместе с помошницей просто "пихали" его мне в горло. Ни какого тактического поведения с их стороны - они еше и кричали на меня. Целей день после процедуры я не могла разговаривать. Моя сестра видя что у меня нет голоса - обратилась в Лоде. Но никто так и не перезвонил. Возможно Маркелова с ее "подельницей" родственники или близкие друзья начальства. Ну знаете как это бывает - мы народ простой, с нами можно как с скотом, только вместо хлева - приемная врача Маркеловой. Лоде - никогда!
    I want to thank Kalyada Elena Sergeevna (pediatric dentist) for her high professionalism and sensitive attitude to The best children's doctor!!! And once again the pediatric dentist Hubedzhova Victoria Ambrosievna grieves! She is absolutely not a children's dentist!
    I want to express my gratitude to Natalya Vladimirovna Belyaeva, the children's otorhinolaryngologist, and Lyubov Nikola...yevna Lukashova, the nurse, for their warm attitude to the child and professionalism. My troublesome 5-month-old girl, who rarely tolerates any procedures and manipulations without crying, was examined quickly and quietly, without crying and screaming. It was not my first visit here, and I was always satisfied. And I'm goinig to visit only this clinic. Thanks you!
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    Минск, Минск, пр. Независимости, 58
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    About us

    To specify all questions related to the cost of services, please call 111.

    Advantages of “LODE” center

    • Full range of medical services for all ages.
    • Quality control of all services of the center.
    • Corporate programs.
    • Gift certificates.
    • New services of the branch office - MRI, densitometry, therapeutic fasting, computed tomography.

    Multidisciplinary Medical Center "LODE" works on Independence Avenue, 58. Here you can get expert advice, do a medical check-up, receive quality medical care and treatment recommendations.

    Directions of work

    Consultations and medical assistance in 50 licensed directions are provided in a multidisciplinary medical center:

    • obstetrics and gynecology (including the preparation and full pregnancy management);
    • ophthalmology;
    • dentistry (all directions);
    • cardiology;
    • surgery (including plastic);
    • urology;
    • endocrinology;
    • neurology;
    • dermatology;
    • allergology;
    • pediatrics (all directions);
    • cosmetology;
    • orthopedics;
    • psychotherapy and sexology;
    • MRI, computer tomography;
    • diagnostics on expert equipment;
    • densitometry;
    • encephalography and others.

    Reception is conducted by specialists of high qualification categories, including Associate Professors of the Departments of the Belarusian State Medical University and the Belarusian Academy of Postgraduate Education, Doctors of Medical Sciences, leading clinicians of the country.

    Features of work

    Reception at the medical center is provided by registration – there is no need to come in the morning and stand in line for several hours.

    Each patient has a separate medical record, specialists can easily get data from previous examinations, prescribe a new treatment, or correct an already proposed course.

    There are personal specialist selection programs. In this case, only one doctor deals with a client who tracks the history of diseases and treatment. A similar program is available for adults, but you can also order a program “personal pediatrician” for children.

    There are promotions and discounts in the center. You can get gift certificates for all services of the center “LODE”.


    Please note that a specialist consultation is required: advertised medical services may have contraindications and adverse reactions.

    Allergist, Gastroenterologist, Gynecologist, Dermatologist, Immunologist, Cardiologist, Cosmetologist, Mammologist, Neurologist, Oncologist, Orthopedist, Otolaryngologist, Ophthalmologist, Proctologist, Psychotherapist, Rheumatologist, Reproductologist, Reflexologist, Sexologist, Dentist, Therapist, Urologist, Physiotherapist, Surgeon, Endocrinologist
    Clinical diagnostics
    Laboratory diagnosis, CT scan, Magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray examination, Ultrasound diagnostics, Electrocardiography, The comprehensive body examination (CBE), Densitometry, Fibrogastroduodenoscopy
    Free Wi-fi, Pay by credit card
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